Evolutions / Roadmap

Planned evolutions ...

Evolutions in progress :
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- Modifications mineures

Simplifications d'affichage de la page d'un graphe
Posted by Admin - 02/07/14

- Live preview

Add live preview while creating a chart.
Posted by Admin - 25/09/13

- Home page updates

Add external integration examples : Netvibes and personal blog web page. Netvibes integration shows how to integrate share-a-graph charts into their dashboard.
Posted by Admin - 02/09/13

- English translation

Translation of the website : English, French
Posted by Admin - 25/06/13

- Home relooking and other stuffs

Home remasterized, add a new changelog's area (what you're reading), your dashboard has only your charts, a statistics bugfix.
Posted by Admin - 07/03/13

- Rest Api available for developers

Your graphs'access, create new dynamic pages (for geeks ;-) with PHP examples).
For non-geeks : You can include your own charts into your blogs (Wordpress, Joomla, ....). See the Q&A to know how to do it.
But you don't need to be a developer to add a graph in your blog !
Posted by Admin - 08/02/13

- Graphs Statistics

Own graphs'statistics add in the menu 'Dashboard'. You need to be login.
Posted by Admin - 26/12/12

- Cloud tag

Add a cloud tag for the public graphs but alos for your own charts in the dashboard webpage.
Posted by Admin - 22/12/12

- GUI improved

New GUI, menu reorganization, small graph pictures representation
Posted by Admin - 17/12/12

- New add graph input

New builder assistant graphs (standard mode)
Posted by Admin - 28/11/12